How do I contact the school?
If you are interested in our school please feel free to contact us (936)-391-3946.
We can also be reached by calling the Cornerstone Church office at (936) 336-2688.
If you prefer email, please email the web page administrator at .

What is Liberty Christian Academy?
Liberty Christian Academy is a non profit private education ministry of Cornerstone Church.

What do you do?
We focus on providing high-quality education that is both Christ Centered and Individualized.

What grade levels do you serve?
We offer classes for k5-12th grade.

How much does it cost?
Enrollment is $3,000 a year for one child. Each additional child can be enrolled for $2,000.
Tuition can be payed, annually, semiannually, or monthly.
Tuition does not include book fees (mandatory) , athletic fees (optional) , or creative art fees (optional).

How long has Liberty Christian Academy been serving the community?
Liberty Christian Academy has been serving in it’s current capacity for 6 years.

Is church doctrine taught and shared in school?
It is our desire and intent to present Jesus and a Christlike approach to life and education. We do our best to refrain from bringing any specific doctrinal topics into the classroom and chapel services that would be a point of contention between the various churches represented. It is not our desire to indoctrinate children into any one churches beliefs. We desire to present Jesus and only Jesus in all we do.

Do I have to attend Cornerstone Church to enroll my child in Liberty Christian Academy?
No, membership to Cornerstone Church does not determine a child’s eligibility to enroll in Liberty Christian Academy.
We have students representing multiple churches in the area.
Students are required to have a pastor’s recommendation letter and be in regular attendance at a church.

What kind of curriculum do you use?
We use A.C.E. curriculum, which stands for Accelerated Christian Education.
You can visit their website here.

Will my child be able to go to college with a diploma from Liberty Christian Academy?
We have had no problems with our students getting accepted into both local state schools and private universities throughout the country.

Will my child be afforded access to extra curricular activities as in Public Schools?
We do offer  variety of activities, including sports and theatre.
For more information contact our Athletic/Creative Arts Director at

What kind of standards does your school meet?
Liberty Christian Academy is a recognized school by A.C.E. ministries.
All students complete the Stanford 10 standardized assessment exam to make sure they are on or exceeding their current grade level.
All of our students undergo diagnostic testing before beginning their coursework with us.
We feel it is important to make sure that the students get a true grasp for both the concepts and contents of all material before progressing,
because of this we require a passing grade of 80 on all tests. Students complete 12 paces per core subject a year and test at the end of every pace. If they do not make the required 80 or higher they have to repeat the failed pace from the beginning.

What is your dress code?
Our normal uniform is jeans or khakis with a solid color polo with no designs, logos, or icons, larger than 2 x 2 inches.
We do have certain spirit days and special event days that have separate and changing guidelines.

What is the school week schedule?
We  meet Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 8:30am-3:30pm.
We do reserve the right to schedule school on Fridays if needed. This will be done at no extra charge and is for the benefit of your students to ensure they do not fall behind.